Reading list for pregnancy and childbirth


*Anne Lindsay’s New Light Cooking                                              Lindsay A

Nourishing your Unborn Child                                                       Williams

The Whole Grains Cookbook                                                        Rich D

*The New Laurel’s Kitchen                                                            Robertson L et al


Pregnancy – Childbirth Preparation

Precious Lives, Painful Choice– a prenatal decision-making guide Ilse S

The Tentative Pregnancy                                                             Rothman B K

Birthing from Within                                                                    England P & Horowitz R

Childbirth without Fear                                                                 Dick-Read G

The Pregnancy Book                                                                   Sears W & Sears M

*Pregnancy and Birth: The Best Evidence                                      Barrett J & Pitman T

*The Complete Book of Pregnancy & Childbirth                              Kitzinger S

*The Birth Partner                                                                       Simkin P

The Birth Book                                                                            Sears W & Sears M

Labor Support Guide                                                                    Simkin P

*Pregnancy, Childbirth & the Newborn                                           Simkin P

*A Child is Born                                                                          Nilsson L

*Giving Birth: How it really feels                                                   Kitzinger S

*Being Born                                                                                Kitzinger S

*Pregnant Fathers                                                                       Heinowitz

*Active Birth                                                                              Balaskas J

The Water Birth Book                                                                  Balaskas J

The Waterbirth Handbook                                                             Lichy, Roger & Herzber Baby’s Best Chance (ask for your free copy at our office)                                                                                                BC Ministry of Health Pregnancy and Childbirth Tips         Dahl G

Visualisation for an Easier Childbirth                                              Jones C

What to expect When your Partner is Expanding                             Hill T

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth                                                        Gaskin I M

After the Baby’s Birth                                                                  Robert Lim



Making love during pregnancy                                                      Bing E & Coleman L

*A Woman’s Experience of Sex                                                    Kitzinger S


Unexpected events of pregnancy and birth

Caesarean Birth Experience                                                         Donovan

Premature Labour Handbook                                                        Henning Robertson

The premature Baby Book                                                            Harrison H

When Survivors Give Birth                                                          Simkin & Klaus

Pregnancy Blues                                                                        Misri, S

*The truth about Herpes                                                               Sacks S

*Kangaroo Care                                                                          Ludington-Ho



Dr Jack Newman’s Guide to Breastfeeding                                     Newman J & Pitman T

The Nursing Mother’s Companion                                                  Higgins K

*Breastfeeding your Baby                                                            Kitzinger S

*Bestfeeding: Getting Breastfeeding Right for you                          Renfrew, Fisher & Arms

*Womanly Art of Breastfeeding                                                    La Leche League


Sibling Preparation

*Mom and Dad and I are having a Baby                                         Maleki

*Welcoming your second baby                                                     Lansky V

*Facts of Life                                                                            Miller



*The Year after Childbirth                                                            Kitzinger S

*Mothering the New Mother: Your postpartum

Resource Companion                                                      Plackson S

*Postpartum Survival Guide                                                         Dunnewold

Postpartum Depression                                                               Roan S



The Baby Book                                                                           Sears J et al

*Nighttime Parenting                                                                   Sears W

*The Fussy Baby                                                                       Sears W

The no-cry sleep solution                                                             Pantley E

*The Book of Baby Massage                                                        Walker P

The Happiest Baby on the Block                                                   Karp H

The Family Bed                                                                          Thevinen T

*Infants and Mothers                                                                   Brazelton B

*The Earliest Relationship                                                            Brazelton B

*Working and caring                                                                    Brazelton B

*The book of baby massage                                                        Walker P

*Your amazing newborn                                                               Klaus M & Klaus P

*The Secret Language of your Child                                              Lewis

Women as mothers                                                                     Kitzinger S

Your Baby and Child: Birth to age five                                          Leach P

Healthy sleep habits – Happy Baby                                              Weissbluth M

Super Immunity for kids                                                              Galland L

The Vaccine Book                                                                       Sears R

Vaccine Guide                                                                            Neustaedter R

What your doctor may not tell you about Children’s Vaccinations Cave S


*Available at the Greater Victoria Library



Useful Online Resources:


Maternity & Parental Benefits Jack Newman’s Breastfeeding Handouts                                        KellyMom: Breastfeeding & Parenting Information   

Motherisk (1 800 436 8477): Relief from nausea & vomiting    

La Leche League International                                            

Health Files, BC Ministry of Health                                     


Kids In Victoria                                                                 

Circumcision Information for parents                                   

Dr. Sears Vaccine information                                            

Perinatal Services of BC                                                   

Mothering Touch Centre