Labour: When To Call

Please call the clinic answering machine for the name and cell phone number of the midwife currently on-call: 250 384 5940


Please call us day or night if you think you are in labor and have:

  • Regular, strong contractions:

FIRST BABY: 4-1-1 Rule = consistent contractions every 4 minutes for over 1 hour that are over 1 minute long

SECOND or more BABY: 5-1-1 Rule = contractions every 5 minutes for 1 hour that are 1 minute long

  • Not reached 37 weeks gestation
  • Broken your water and you are GBS positive
  • Broken your water and the water has a strong odor OR is any color other than clear OR baby isn’t moving normally
  • Constant abdominal pain that does not go away
  • Large amount of bleeding, more than mucousy “show”
  • Persistent and severe mid-back pain
  • A fever > 38oC (if you feel hot or shivery, take your temperature)
  • An outbreak of blisters anywhere around your genitals
  • Blurry vision, double vision or spots before your eyes
  • Concerns about fetal movement (less than 10 movements in 2 hours)

Heads-up calls

DAY (between 9 am and 9 pm): If you suspect you may be in labor and/or your water has broken, call the on-call midwife. A heads-up call can help us to arrange our day so that we will be available when you need us later.

NIGHT (between 9 pm and 9 am): If you do not need a midwife immediately, please wait until morning.  We appreciate our chances to sleep through the night, and having a perky midwife when labor gets hard may be just what you need. But if you know you are in active labor and need a midwife now, please call us!

When to call 911

  • If your water has broken and you feel something hanging in your vagina (then get in a knees & chest position on the floor)
  • If the birth is suddenly imminent and the midwife is not going to make it in the next few minutes

AFTER you call 911, call your midwife IMMEDIATELY.